Good Things To Know!

We now offer registration and online payment leave your $ at home arrive and slip right in to class with registrationa and payment already looked after. Follow links on our Schedule or Rates Tabs to purchase or register ahead.

We have change rooms with showers for the convenience of all participants!

Great idea to bring a water bottle!

If attending hot yoga a large towel for your mat (beach towel or hot yoga towel) can be a plus as well as a hand towel. Whether showering or not a change of clothes may be nice to have following a hot class.

All Levels are welcome at all of our classes. If you prefer to take a 6 week Intro to Yoga series before attending our regular schedule classes visit our Events TAb and sign up Now for our 6 week Series beginning Jan.2014.

Our Instructors are all Certified Yoga Instructors at at least the 200 hour level most with many more hours of training.

Our Studio is Heated by Far Infrared Heat Panels which offer numerous heat benefits.

Our summer schedule includes many classes on our beautiful rooftop terrace "The Air Studio"

Instructors are present at the Studio 30 minutes prior to class start time and are happy to stay to allow participants time for a tea or a shower after class.

Studio Door is locked during class time for security reasons, as we do not have a receptionist. If you are running a little late for class please do not hesitate to call us and we will be sure not to lock you out ! :)

Mats are available to borrow.

For Information on Rates Click Here


New To Yoga?

                “ I decided to sign up for the Introductory session without knowing a whole lot about yoga.  I had never taken a class before. My first impression was the studio environment.  It was welcoming, friendly, and I was made to feel like being a beginner was not an issue.  From the beginning, I found that I was able to concentrate fully of the class and was able to leave the daily stresses at the door.  After class I was relaxed.  I was surprised at how much yoga had to do with “strength” and look forward to building upon that aspect.  I hope to continue and to use yoga as part of my overall plan for a healthier future.  I do need some discipline to practice at home and expect learning more about a stronger sense of self will help with that.  Thank you Jill and Leanne for a great first session!.......Earl MacKenzie”

 Beginners are ALWAYS welcome at PCY in any of our classes. Our instructors are always happy to share yoga with new peeps! We instruction and assistance with options so you practice at your own pace.

By popular request we do offer a 6 week introductory to yoga for those who really want to learn the basic basics before stepping into a regular schedule class. To register for our 6 week beginner series Please visit our EVENTS page and follow the links.


Broga Yoga for Men will Start March 18th 8pm! 6 Week Session! Registration and information on our Events Page





Early Bird gets the Best start to the weekend!

Friday Morning 6:15am Early Morning Yoga back by popular request! Join Leanne for an all levels one hour practice a perfect way to start your weekend!

Prenatal Yoga with Ursula Bayer-Klum New Session Info and registration on Events Page

Broga Yoga for Men with Steve Currie New Session Info and registration on Events Page Only a few weeks remaining Drops Ins Welcome!






Whether you are starting something new or continuing your practice Visit us at PCY! 

 Especially during the most demanding times in our lives we NEED to take time to connect with and honor ourselves. I found yoga when my children were 6, 4 and 2. Yoga allowed me the physical 'exercise' my post pregnancy body craved but also the me time, to glimse mental clarity, relaxation and an hour to give only to myself.  Whether you are a busy buniness person, a part of a energitic family or craving connection with like minded individuals in the community, yoga may be just what the doctor ordered! You are worthy of time on your mat, connecting with body and mind. Make and take time for you and the benefit everyone in your life. Come in and experience practicing yoga in a dedicated yoga studio, designed and built to optimize your time on the mat. From our welcoming entrance into the calm, connecting ambiance of the studio cork floor and heated space. There are loads of yoga props to deepen your practice, along with well stocked tranquil change rooms with showers.  We strive to deliver the yoga experience you deserve. Enjoy a cucumber water or a warm cup of tea before or after class. Experience Pictou County Yoga.'s what we love.  We hope to see and share with you soon!

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Namaste and Have a great Day!





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